Image of the top of a wind turbine with clouds and blue sky

Noirmoutier Offshore Wind Farm

Overview The project is being developed by the Eoliennes en Mer Iles d’Yeu et Noirmoutier (EMYN) consortium, which includes Ocean Winds, Sumitomo Corporation, La Banque des Territoires, and Vendée Energie. Despite ongoing contract negotiations, we have started preparations for the mock-up in Hoboken, scheduled for February 2024. If the project

Wind turbine in the ocean with yellow base

Greater Changhua

Overview The Greater Changhua Offshore Wind Farms off Changhua County’s coast in Taiwan are set to redefine the region’s energy landscape with a combined capacity of 2.4 GW. Initiating construction in November 2019 and achieving first power by April 2022, these projects are pivotal in Taiwan’s transition towards renewable energy,

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Baltic Eagle

Overview The Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm is a major renewable energy project being developed by Iberdrola in the Baltic Sea, off the coast of Rügen Island, Germany. This project brings together industry leaders from different facets of the offshore renewable energy industry, including Vestas on wind turbines and Van

Many wind turbines in the ocean with blue sky and sea

Saint Brieuc Offshore Wind Farm

Overview The Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm project, led by Iberdrola’s subsidiary Ailes Marines, is emerging as a transformative clean energy development in Brittany, France. Overcoming challenges and enhancing team capabilities, this project, managed by Celik Karakas with Matt Holdway overseeing engineering, is on track for completion in early 2024. With

Wind turbine on the ocean on a cloudy day

Gruissan Offshore Wind Farm

Overview The Eolmed Gruissan Offshore Wind Farm, an innovative venture into floating wind energy by Qair and Total Energy, is set to revolutionize renewable energy in the Occitanie region, France. This 30 MW project, utilizing three floating turbines, aims to supply clean energy to about 50,000 residents yearly. Initiating in

The ocean with blue sky and wind turbines

Courseulles-sur-Mer Offshore Wind Farm

Overview Developed by Éolien Maritime France, a partnership between EDF Renewables and Enbridge, and contracting Prysmian Group for its submarine cables,The Courseulles-sur-Mer Wind Farm, placed off Normandy’s Bessin coast, France, represents a crucial step in the shift  towards sustainable energy, with a capacity of 450 MW and featuring 75 GE





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