Saint Brieuc Offshore Wind Farm

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The Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm project, led by Iberdrola’s subsidiary Ailes Marines, is emerging as a transformative clean energy development in Brittany, France. Overcoming challenges and enhancing team capabilities, this project, managed by Celik Karakas with Matt Holdway overseeing engineering, is on track for completion in early 2024. With a robust capacity of 496 MW, it’s poised to supply power to 835,000 people, underscoring Brittany’s transition to a positive energy region by producing more electricity than it consumes. 

About the project

The Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm, developed by Iberdrola through its subsidiary Ailes Marines, is set to be a pivotal clean energy project in Brittany, France. With an installed capacity of 496 MW, this wind farm will significantly contribute to the region’s energy supply, generating enough electricity to power approximately 835,000 people upon its operation in early 2024 

Capacity: 496 MW, enough to power 835000 people 
Timeline: Expected to finish early 2024 

Project significance: The first power delivery marks a significant milestone, not only for Iberdrola but for Brittany, by turning it into a positive energy municipality by producing more electricity than it consumes. The Saint-Brieuc wind farm is yet another example of the strategic push towards offshore wind energy, as well as of the innovations that can be implemented by ingenious engineers in the pursuit of greater wind resources. This project is part of a broader effort by governmental and private stakeholders to pioneer floating wind technology and highlight its viability for future green energy solutions​ throughout the world. 





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