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Hv Jointer

HV Jointers are considered the heroes of the offshore wind industry, crucial for ensuring the energy harvested from wind actually reaches the shore. Their work is essential in transforming wind into clean energy.

Reynard values its HV Jointers both as individuals and professionals, offering a supportive and appreciative work environment. Described as a big family, the company emphasizes less stress, more teamwork, and ensures jobs are well-planned for smooth operations.

Working as an HV Jointer at Reynard comes with several benefits, including good pay, a clear schedule, and a balanced life with two weeks off every month. This schedule allows time for personal matters, family, and friends.

Yes, Reynard is committed to ensuring all HV Jointers are well-trained and prepared. The company covers all necessary training, prioritizing safety and team atmosphere, and is always ready to face any challenge.

To become an HV Jointer at Reynard, interested individuals should possess a willingness to learn and adapt to the challenging yet rewarding offshore and high-voltage work environment. Reynard looks for team players who value safety and teamwork. Candidates can view job opportunities and apply through Reynard’s official website or contact the company directly for more information.

My manpower

Reynard provides staffing solutions for the renewable energy sector, focusing on finding and placing highly skilled professionals in various roles within this industry.
Reynard has a thorough recruitment process with focus on quality and reliability in their staffing solutions, aiming to meet the specific needs of their clients in the renewable energy sector.
Yes, Reynard specializes in sourcing professionals for a wide range of roles within the renewable energy sector, including niche and highly specialized positions.
Reynard provides manpower services tailored for renewable energy projects, leveraging a vast network of experts in sustainable energy and high voltage since 2011. Whether it’s for short-term projects or long-term roles, Reynard ensures the right talent is matched to the right job.

Reynard is located at Drachmeweg 151, 2153 PA Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands. You can contact them by phone at +31 70 2400 470.

My services

These are the services we offer:

▶Consultancy and Advice
▶ Pre-assembly of High Voltage Cable Sets
▶ Recruitment & Placement
▶ Array and Export Cable Termination
▶ Top-side Cable Installation
▶ High Voltage & Fiber Optic Testing
▶ Maintenance
▶ Fault Finding
▶ 24/7 Quick Response Services Worldwide

Reynard’s high voltage services stand out due to their unparalleled scope and effectiveness. The dedicated team is prepared to tackle any challenge, anywhere, at any time, ensuring continuous operation and peace of mind.
Yes, Reynard’s services are designed to provide immediate support globally, ensuring expert attention to high voltage challenges anywhere in the world.
Reynard’s services are equipped to handle a wide range of unexpected issues and emergencies related to high voltage operations. This includes, but is not limited to, operational failures, safety risks, and equipment malfunctions.
Reynard prioritizes quality and speed in all their high voltage services. This involves swift responses to emergencies and a thorough, expert-driven approach to solving problems, ensuring operations are not just restored but optimized.

My Solutions

Reynard specializes in connecting wind turbines to high-voltage cables, providing a range of services including consultancy, pre-assembly of cable sets, recruitment and staffing, cable termination, installation, testing, maintenance, fault finding, and 24/7 quick response worldwide.

Quality is assured through training high-voltage technicians at their own academy, prioritizing safety, meticulous planning, and a commitment to excellence in every project.

Reynard distinguishes itself with a dedicated team of 320 high-voltage technicians trained to be industry leaders, an emphasis on safety, and a comprehensive range of services offered globally.

My academy

Reynard’s Certified Academy is at the forefront of nurturing the next generation of high-voltage (HV) professionals. The academy serves as a hub for HV expertise, providing training and certification services aimed at developing future talent in the field.
Reynard offers comprehensive training and certification for cable workers, onshore jointers, HV talents, and HV jointers. This includes a specialized HV Jointer course spread over a minimum of 9 months, consisting of 25 practical days offshore, along with a variety of online learning modules covering necessary theory and background.
The objectives are to ensure safety, to provide insights into offshore operations and prepare offshore high-voltage jointers for specific tasks, leveraging both theoretical knowledge and practical experience.
The course is suitable for individuals with experience in electrical engineering, offshore cable work, and onshore jointing. Reynard also encourages applications from those eager to learn, without a background in these fields.

To apply for the HV Jointer course or inquire about other tailor-made training courses, you can register by contacting the academy at [email protected]. Reynard also offers NEN3840 training and other courses tailored to different products and projects.





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