Gruissan Offshore Wind Farm

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The Eolmed Gruissan Offshore Wind Farm, an innovative venture into floating wind energy by Qair and Total Energy, is set to revolutionize renewable energy in the Occitanie region, France. This 30 MW project, utilizing three floating turbines, aims to supply clean energy to about 50,000 residents yearly. Initiating in 2022 and projected to be operational by 2024, Eolmed illustrates a leap towards sustainable energy solutions, highlighting its commitment to environmental stewardship and enhancing regional industrial growth. Despite a slight delay to 2024, the project, led by engineering expert Theodoros Ioanis Papadimitriou and project manager Celik Karakas, aligns with Occitanie’s industrial strategy, contributing over 600,000 man-hours locally and fostering eco-friendly development. 

About the project

Capacity: 30 MW from three 10 MW turbines, enough to power approximately 50,000 inhabitants annually. 
Location: 18 km off the coast of Gruissan 
Timeline: Construction began in 2022 with completion and start of production expected in 2024. 
Project Significance: The Eolmed project is designed with a strong focus on environmental sustainability and the promotion of local industrial capabilities. With this project,  Eolmed paves the way for the development of renewable energy technologies capable of harnessing wind resources in deep water locations. This offshore wind farm project also aligns with the Occitanie Region’s strategy for industrial production relocation, involving over 600,000 man-hours of work across the region and emphasising good environmental integration. 





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