Courseulles-sur-Mer Offshore Wind Farm

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Developed by Éolien Maritime France, a partnership between EDF Renewables and Enbridge, and contracting Prysmian Group for its submarine cables,The Courseulles-sur-Mer Wind Farm, placed off Normandy’s Bessin coast, France, represents a crucial step in the shift  towards sustainable energy, with a capacity of 450 MW and featuring 75 GE Haliade turbines over 50 km². This project aims to generate significant local employment and support auxiliary industries. Managed by Celik Karakas with engineering led by Radu Vlad Nita, the project prioritizes eco-friendly energy production and minimal environmental disruption. This initiative not only fuels the green transition but also strengthens Normandy’s economy. 

About the project

Capacity: 450 MW
Location: Normandy, France, 10 km off Bessin coast 
Timeline: Initially expected in 2022, the project’s completion has been targeted for 2024, aiming to create around 400 jobs during its construction phase. 

Project Significance: This wind farm is a testament to France’s commitment to reducing dependence on fossil fuels, by increasing its renewable energy output. The project will be installed with 75 GE Haliade 150-6MW series turbines and will span over 50 km2. Besides contributing to the green energy transition, the Courseulles-sur-Mer Wind Farm is expected to bolster the local economy by creating direct jobs in Normandy and supporting ancillary services. The energy produced will be transmitted through buried sea and land cables, ensuring minimal environmental impact. Preparations for this project starting in December 2024 are in full swing, with a challenging pull-in campaign and methodology. The team has been expanded, and Radu Vlad Nita is handling engineering, while Celik Karakas is managing the project.





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