Triton Knoll Array

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High Voltage offshore wind specialists V&SH Offshore has successfully executed the contract to perform all array cable Terminations and Testing work at Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm (TKOWF). Therewith contributing to providing clean energy to an expected minimum of 800,000 average UK households.

The scope of the work entailed the preparation, completion, termination and testing of the High Voltage and Fiber Optic connections of the 66KV Inter Array Cables in the 90 WTG structures and 2 Offshore Substations of the Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm (TKOWF) and all associated works. The works have taken place offshore following installation of the Inter Array Cables in 2020.

In-house Offshore Wind Specialists

V&SH has steadily been working on an extensive track record since 2011, providing High Voltage solutions at nearly all major offshore wind farms in North-West Europe. Our own in-house qualified V&SH HV-jointers are being constantly trained at our own training facilities, securing quality and Workmanship for every jobs at hand.

Both Safety and Workmanship are of utmost importance on all of our projects, and we understand this to be of even greater importance for our Clients. Therefore, constant and extensive training is one of our main priorities within our project preparation phases.

“Operating our own training facilities enables us to perform all required training sessions in-house, at any time, to the highest standards and in cooperation with our Clients, allowing us to offer our HV jointers tailormade courses and certification. Herewith securing quality and reliability that is so important while operating at the end of the construction phase of any offshore wind project”

In addition to terminations and testing, V&SH also provides services including consultancy, site inspections, pre-assembly of HV cable sets, testing, maintenance, fault finding and quick response services 24/7 worldwide.





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