Horns Rev 3 Wind Farm

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The offshore termination and testing scope of the Horns Rev 3 wind farm was executed by V&SH Offshore. Our scope included the stripping, termination and testing works of all 49 offshore wind turbines. By means of connecting the Array cables to a Dropper cable using a straight joint.

During the execution of this scope, the client rewarded our craftsmanship with the award of the making the final connection of all the Dropper cables to the Switchboards as well. This enabled us to combine the two scopes and help reducing the number of transfers, total offshore construction time and associated costs.

Agile and flexible mechanics

After completion of the project. V&SH Offshore has performed multiple maintenance works while the wind farm was energized. The agility and flexibility of our in-house mechanics has proven to be vital in order to keep downtime to a minimum.

V&SH Offshore specialists with a Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) proved perfect for the job, being able to swiftly board a wind turbine

“Quick response is a necessity for our clients in case of an anomaly on their wind farms. With our experienced and certified HV specialists we will be able to carry out the works swiftly and reduce wind turbine downtime to a minimum.”





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