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Hohe See Wind Farm

V&SH Offshore have completed all High Voltage operations at Hohe See Wind Farm in the North Sea. V&SH’s offshore high voltage specialists were commissioned to perform the stripping, terminations and testing work at all 79 offshore wind turbines.

Design and Construction of Cable Frames

In addition, V&SH Offshore also designed and constructed cable frames to route the cables safely through the confined turbine spaces. These frames were purpose-built for a new type of cable. This in order to create less waste and provision of easy access for repairs, saving significantly in downtime.

For these operations, we deployed our own dedicated cross-functional crews. Having every required high voltage skill on hand resulted in less stand-by time for our client. We will continue to operate this way in future as well”

(V&SH GM Offshore Wind)

Prior to the installation, V&SH invested extensively in testing and preparation. The frames are lightweight and modular, making them easy to transport and assemble on location, saving costly offshore installation time.