Skills Assessments & Trade tests

Offshore wind farms vary significantly. Therefore, my high voltage technicians are always specifically tested to ensure they understand what they may encounter before being deployed.

Skills assessment

My skills assessments are tailored for experienced individuals whom I haven’t had the chance to observe in action, providing me with firsthand insight into their capabilities and qualifications.

Through this process, my aim is to ensure that all my team members deliver the high quality that I stand for, that we as a team speak the same ‘language’ wherever we are and moreover that we all breath the Reynard DNA.

This way I protect and guard my standards throughout my entire team all over the world.

My skills assessment is designed especially for those experienced individuals who want to become part of my team.

Trade test & exam

My trade tests consist of tailored training sessions conducted prior to project commencement. These sessions aim to familiarise my team with specific products and terminations relevant to each individual project. Collaborating closely with my clients, I ensure that every team member possesses the necessary knowledge and skills for the job that has to be done. Besides practicing, each individual has to take an exam to solidify their understanding. The project is off the table for each individual that does not pass the exam. By implementing these measures, I guarantee that my team members are proficient in both the products and terminations required for successful project execution.

Need More Information? Contact Us

If you require further details or have any questions about my training program, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Reach out to us at [email protected] and our team will be happy to assist you.


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