Facing challenges in wind farm construction and cable laying, contractors and cable companies often encounter obstacles that compromise operational excellence. I address these critical issues by providing the following services to bridge the gap between construction challenges and the demands of cable installation.


Offshore wind projects face myriad complexities requiring strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, and adaptive solutions tailored to both fixed and floating infrastructure.

My consultancy service offers unparalleled insights into energy system modeling and project optimization. With a deep understanding of industry challenges and a flexible approach, I provide bespoke advice, ensuring projects are designed for maximum efficiency, stakeholder alignment, and quality outcomes.

Unlike generic consultancy services, my approach is rooted in a deep understanding of both fixed and floating offshore wind projects, combined with a commitment to independence and flexibility. This allows me to provide not just advice, but truly customized solutions that consider the nuanced needs of your project and engage a wide array of stakeholders effectively, ensuring a level of quality and adaptability unmatched in the industry.


Efficient and error-free installation of high-voltage cables is crucial for project timelines and operational reliability, demanding meticulous preparation.

My pre-assembly services for high-voltage cable sets streamline the installation process. By preparing cables for immediate installation, I minimize project delays and ensure a smooth transition to operational status, backed by rigorous quality controls and advanced techniques.

The pre-assembly process I offer incorporates cutting-edge techniques and stringent quality controls, setting a new industry standard for efficiency and reliability. This not only streamlines the installation process but also significantly reduces the potential for errors, distinguishing my services with a guarantee of smooth operations and minimal delays, a level of preparedness and foresight rarely seen elsewhere.


Proper termination of array and export cables is vital for the operational reliability of offshore wind farms, requiring precise connections and system integration.

I specialize in the high-quality termination of array and export cables, ensuring seamless integration and system efficiency. My certified experts employ the latest methods for flawless execution.

My expertise in cable termination goes beyond technical execution to include a global network of certified experts, ensuring consistent quality across any project location. This comprehensive approach, combined with the latest termination methods, offers an unmatched blend of local excellence and global reach, ensuring your project benefits from the highest standards of reliability and operational efficiency worldwide.

man in orange painting a high voltage cable


The reliability and safety of wind energy operations heavily rely on the proper installation of topside cables, necessitating expert execution and quality assurance.

My top-side cable installation services prioritize safety and efficiency, utilizing the latest methodologies and technologies. Delivered by specially trained professionals, we guarantee superior quality and reliability in every project, enhancing the operational efficiency of wind energy systems.

What sets my top-side cable installation services apart is the blend of state-of-the-art methodologies with a team of highly skilled professionals. This combination not only ensures top-notch execution but also prioritizes safety and efficiency in a manner that is unparalleled in the market, enhancing the operational efficacy of wind energy systems far beyond the norm.

man working on cables and white device


Verifying the integrity and functionality of high voltage and fiber optic systems post-installation is essential to meet quality and operational standards.

With certified testing equipment and expert technicians, I provide comprehensive testing services anywhere in the world. My approach ensures thorough validation of system performance, adhering to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

My testing services are distinguished by the use of certified equipment and the expertise of our technicians, enabling us to offer comprehensive, rapid testing anywhere in the world. This capability ensures not just compliance but optimal performance, with a level of speed and thoroughness that sets a new benchmark in the industry.

Man in safety gear looking at the sea and wind turbines


Unplanned power supply interruptions can lead to significant operational disruptions and production losses, highlighting the need for reliable maintenance strategies.

In collaboration with clients, I develop and implement maintenance strategies that anticipate and mitigate risks of downtime. Offering both short-term and long-term maintenance contracts, my global 24/7 quick response services ensure continuous operational reliability.

Unlike standard maintenance offerings, my services are built on a foundation of close collaboration with clients and a proactive approach to strategy development. This ensures not only the prevention of unplanned interruptions but also a bespoke maintenance plan that aligns with your specific operational needs.

Man in orange safety gear working on a termination cable


Cable systems are prone to faults and deterioration over time due to environmental exposure, aging, and mechanical stress, necessitating rapid and accurate fault identification and repair.

My fault-finding services, supported by trained and certified HV staff and a global network, offer swift identification and remediation of cable issues. This rapid response capability minimizes downtime and production loss, maintaining project integrity and productivity.

My fault-finding services leverage a combination of highly trained, certified staff and a global network for rapid deployment, offering a level of responsiveness and expertise that is unmatched. This ensures minimal downtime and swift restoration of operations, with a commitment to quality and efficiency that significantly reduces the operational and financial impact of faults.

Man in orange clothing looking at a vessel and ocean


Unexpected issues and emergencies require immediate, expert attention, regardless of location or time, to prevent extensive operational impact.

My 24/7 quick response services provide immediate, global support for any unforeseen challenges. With a dedicated team of experts and a worldwide network, we ensure rapid, effective solutions that keep your operations running smoothly, backed by a commitment to quality and speed.

The defining feature of my 24/7 quick response services is the global readiness and expert support provided at a moment’s notice, a service that is unparalleled in its scope and effectiveness. With a dedicated team prepared to tackle any challenge, anywhere, at any time, my solution ensures continuous operation and peace of mind that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

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Frequently asked questions

These are the services we offer:

▶Consultancy and Advice
▶ Pre-assembly of High Voltage Cable Sets
▶ Recruitment & Placement
▶ Array and Export Cable Termination
▶ Top-side Cable Installation
▶ High Voltage & Fiber Optic Testing
▶ Maintenance
▶ Fault Finding
▶ 24/7 Quick Response Services Worldwide

Reynard’s high voltage services stand out due to their unparalleled scope and effectiveness. The dedicated team is prepared to tackle any challenge, anywhere, at any time, ensuring continuous operation and peace of mind.
Yes, Reynard’s services are designed to provide immediate support globally, ensuring expert attention to high voltage challenges anywhere in the world.
Reynard’s services are equipped to handle a wide range of unexpected issues and emergencies related to high voltage operations. This includes, but is not limited to, operational failures, safety risks, and equipment malfunctions.
Reynard prioritizes quality and speed in all their high voltage services. This involves swift responses to emergencies and a thorough, expert-driven approach to solving problems, ensuring operations are not just restored but optimized.





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