NEN 3840

Certification Matters. In high voltage, the stakes are high. Every decision, every action, can have far-reaching consequences for the success of a project and for the safety of those involved.

Stay sharp as a fox

NEN 3840 is the Dutch standard for the safe execution of work near, on or with electrical objects in the high-voltage area. Upon certification, you join a community of professionals committed to excellence, ensuring personal safety, protecting teammates and driving project success by mastering electrical basic principles, strict safety protocols and applicable safety and quality standards. In a world where the stakes are this high, certification isn’t just necessary – it’s essential.

NEN 3480 training goals

A practical understanding of electricity fundamentals.

Knowledge of various components (switches, transformers, installations, and connections) of electrical systems.

Understanding of wind turbine operations.

Awareness of electricity hazards and risks, including knowledge of risk classification.

Ability to maintain electrical installations or their components in a safe condition during use.

Understanding of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Knowledge of test and measurement instruments used in electrical work.

Knowledge of the Lockout-Tagout (LOTO) safety procedure.

Ability to implement the
LOTO procedure.

Additional Reynard safety
and quality standards.

Duration of my NEN 3840 training

My NEN 3840 training consists of online preparation, theoretical and practical training hours, and a final test all at my academy. 


When successfully completing the training, you will receive a NEN3840 certificate.

For whom?

The NEN 3840 training is obligated for all HV-professional working near, on or with electrical objects in the high-voltage area. 

Practical days and online preparation

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