Terms & Conditions
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1. Work Rotations for Reynard

The participant agrees to work a total of 24 rotations for Reynard within a span of 3 years.

Each rotation shall be based on a minimum of 168 hours of work.

Note 1: If a rotation is less than 168 hours due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e.

weather), the rotation will still count as a full rotation.

Note 2: Reynard will do everything in her power to make sure the participant is given the

opportunity to perform 24 rotations in the 3 year time span. However, if we can not fulfill

this promise due to our own fault, this agreement ends after 3 years regardless whether

the 24 rotations criterion is met.

2. Total Training Costs

The participant acknowledges that the total training costs for the program amount to

EUR 18,000 (eighteen thousand euro’s). This is including accommodation and travel


3. Cost Waiver

Upon completion of the aforementioned 24 rotations, Reynard agrees to waive the

training costs incurred by the participant. Specifically, EUR 750 will be waived per

rotation, or will be deducted from the outstanding principal amount of EUR 18,000 in

training costs.

4. Freedom of Employment

Following the completion of the agreed-upon rotations, the participant is granted the

freedom to seek employment opportunities with other clients besides Reynard.

However, in such cases, the participant will be required to repay the training costs either

in full or in part, as per the terms outlined in this agreement (which are? Shouldn’t

participants repay it fully if they’ve completed the entire program?). This does not apply if

Reynard is not able to offer the participant work.





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