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Reynards' Academy

With engineering and technology projects rising across the globe, a large shortage of well trained and experienced HV specialists is expected. Developing (future) HV talent is my academy’s top priority!

Ensure constant quality of the Reynard HV jointer

Training to Reynard’s standards

  • Optimally adapted to my target group all over the world (practical skills training combined with attractive online microlearnings)
  • Training beyond industry standard to minimize project risk and create a sustainable and solid level of local content.

Training capabilities

  • Professional inhouse Reynard trainers. Approved trainers by main suppliers (TE, Pfisterer, etc.).
  • Several mock-up situations to fully experience and simulate the offshore setup.

Training Facilities

The academy’s ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and SCC* 2017/6.0. certified.

The academy’s centrally located in the Netherlands. Only 10 minutes away from Schiphol Airport.

A tried and tested process


My way of working involves a thorough assessment of your needs and a customised plan to connect your wind turbines to the high-voltage network. I’ll work closely with you every step of the way to ensure your project is planned, prepared and completed to your satisfaction.


I have experts helping me out in different services ranging from consultancy, cable jointing and termination and quality & project Control.

My expertise

  • Consultancy, Advice and Inspection
  • Drilling Outfalls and Landfalls with HDD
  • Pre-assembly of High Voltage Cable Sets
  • Array Cable Termination (33-66kV)
  • Export Cable Termination (33-220kV)
  • Top-side Cable Installation
  • High Voltage & Fiber Optic Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Fault Finding
  • Quick Response Services 24/7 World Wide

Facts and Figures

0 +
HV Joints since 2011
0 +
HV specialists
45000 +
FO Connections since 2011

Give me a call

Don’t hesitate to contact me, if you want to learn how I can help you increase your presence in renewable energy with high-voltage solutions that fit your plan.

Or come visit my experience centre in New Vennep. Here I recreate the base of the wind turbines I service, so my technicians know what to expect when out at sea.
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I am Reynard.

Nice to meet you. I’m a contractor that specialises in connecting remote and offshore wind farms – both fixed and floating projects – to high-voltage networks. With a sharp nose for talent, I am dedicated to building a best-in-class team to scale up renewable energy efficiently around the world.


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My worldwide presence ensures the timeliness, cost efficiency and compliance adherence required to ensure your implementation timelines are met.

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